Tallana Gabriel was born in Moscow. She attended New school University in new York ( Jazz and contemporary music) which she graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts ( Vocalist). New school is famous for its legendary Teaches as Charles Tolliver and Chico Hamilton. For the first time Tallana appeared on NY stage supported by of one the American jazz legends Etta Jones, who invited the young graduate to participate in her concerts.


After getting her university diploma, Tallana returned to Berlin, where she continued to perform. She performed in Berlin Philharmony with Berlin RIAS BIG BAND Orchestra conducted by Chris Walden, who was specially invited from Los Angeles. The wide line of next concerts of Tallana were accompanied by Berlin Savvoy Big Band and Boris Rosental’s Orchestra. The most prominent concert that Berliner audience will remember for a long time, is known as legends of Russian jazz, which took place in Palace of Culture of the nations of the world in Berlin (pianist Boris Frumkin and trumpeter Valeriy Ponomarev).


Further on Tallana continued in Russian Palace of Science and culture, where she performed with Igor Butman’s quartet. After great success in Berlin, Tallana performed at Anatoliy Kroll' s "Lady Jazz" show. She also had a chance to participate in Bedros Kirkorov’s anniversary concert which was filmed in famous Moscow Music House and Krockus City Hall and was broadcasted via main television station.


Later Tallana recorded her jazz album Gifted at the famous Avatar Studio on New York's Broadway. This album contains new enterpritations of the old jazz standards of Ella Fitzgerald, Sara Vaughn, Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra. The album is recorded with American musicians Gerard D' Angelo (piano) Victor Jones (base) Steve La Spinna (drumms). This album was presented to “Echo of Moscow” radio station, where Tallana was invited by a jazz virtuoso of Russia, Boris Alekseev.


In 2014 Tallana won the 1st prize in Vocal Competition “Your Way” in Palermo. The President of Jury and Opera Diva Lyubov Kazarnovskaya outpointed the talent of Tallana Gabriel and encouraged her to continue with opera education as her student.


In 2016 Tallana took part in German television Show “Germany searches for the superstar” ( format of American Idol). The main Jury Dieter Bohlen and the whole German TV audience is still impressed by Tallana's extraordinary voice and artistic talent.